Reflexology helps arthritis

Reflexology Helps Arthritis By Reducing Pain According To Study

As a Reflexologist, I have seen for a long time the benefits clients with arthritis enjoy from a course of Reflexology treatments. And although it came as no surprise that a study found that Reflexology helps Arthritis, it was encouraging to see another scientific study carried out on the effectiveness of Reflexology.

The University of Portsmouth carried out the research, and in they concluded in the study, their findings were that patients felt about 40% less pain after having a Reflexology treatment.

The pain and discomfort of Arthritis can range from mild to acute, and it can be difficult to tolerate for many. Diet, stress, hormones and the weather can influence the severity of Arthritis, and taking control of the things that can be influenced, like diet will help reduce the symptoms. Diet is the most obvious as we have the most control over this; it can have a big impact on reducing symptoms, especially for gout but not exclusively.

Studies show natural therapies like Reflexology can be beneficial in reducing symptoms of Arthritis with regular treatment.
A Reflexology treatment is carried out on specific areas related to the affected joints. The treatment will also focus on areas to help support the detoxification and improve blood and lymph circulation, which can help reduce inflammation.

Reflexology helps reduce stress levels and helps to bring the body and mind into a relaxed and calm state which can be very beneficial when coping with chronic pain.

Reflexology and arthritis


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Are you are suffering from an arthritic condition? 

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Reiki can be used as a complementary therapy alongside any medication or other therapy.

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