Can reflexology help migraine headaches ? Study finds reflexology as effective as prescription medication

Although I wouldn’t consider myself as a sufferer of migraines I have experienced them a couple of times in my life. The first and most memorable attack resulted in me ending up in A&E with my boss at the time, as I couldn’t see out of one eye and had trouble thinking and speaking. Safe to say migraines can be unpredictable and painful and debilitating and living with regular migraine attacks can be very difficult.

I have found that both reflexology and reiki work well in the relief of headaches. So to discover the following two reflexology studies was very exciting. Continue reading “Can reflexology help migraine headaches ? Study finds reflexology as effective as prescription medication”

Can reflexology help with exhaustion?

Reflexology sessions help clients to deeply relax giving the body and mind time to reboot and re-energise. Reflexology helps to bring the body back into balance so systems such as the endocrine that quite possibly are working overtime, are more able to restore equilibrium themselves.  If you are at the end of a stressful couple of months and need to re-energise yourself then that’s great, reflexology will help you with your recovery.

Emotional exhaustion is very real and can leave you feeling completely depleted of energy,  a low mood and lacking in motivation. Combining reflexology and Reiki can be very effective in this instance. Reiki works on the physical and emotional and mental levels and reflexology helps to stimulate and re-balance the areas of your body that have been overworked. Clients often feel incredibly relaxed and at peace during the sessions reporting on feeling more energised in the following days.

Very often the reasons for exhaustion are a combination of things that build up over time. Experiencing physical or mental tiredness, stress, not eating regular meals, poor sleep patterns over a period of time can culminate to leave you feeling completely wiped out. If this is the case, reflexology will certainly help you re-balance your body and de-stress however lifestyle changes are also required to continue and maintain improvement

If you are experiencing exhaustion and you don’t know why then speaking to your GP is really important. They can assess you and run tests to check for an underlying issue such as a vitamin deficiency. By all means, start having reflexology it will help you, but find out why your feeling exhausted.  They do say knowledge is power so the more you know the more pro-active you can be to treat the problem.

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Important Note* As with all treatments, some people respond very well whilst others may find a different treatment is more suited to them.

Further Research

Diet – If you think making a few changes to your diet may help take a look at this it is a simple overview to get you started on  “Foods that beat fatigue” from Healthline

Gentle energy building exercises – Some simple Qi Gong exercises to help beat fatigue can be very powerful

University Study finds reflexology treatment in the last trimester can reduce labour time!

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Reflexology and Fertility Case

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Study Shows Reflexology Treatment Reduces Symptoms Of Multiple Sclerosis

For someone who has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), being aware of all the options available to them with regards to treatment and maintaining their well-being is extremely important. Which is why in this post I am drawing your attention to a clinical trial that tested the effectiveness of a course of reflexology treatment on MS patients. Continue reading “Study Shows Reflexology Treatment Reduces Symptoms Of Multiple Sclerosis”