What is Reiki Good for ?

What is reiki good for?

Narrowing down what Reiki is good for to just a few things, feels like I am not giving enough credit to what Reiki can actually do. Not can Reiki help people but it can also affect plants, animals, situations such as careers or a difficult relationship, and even inanimate objects.

In this post however,  I will be focusing on what Reiki can do to improve our health and well-being, as that tends to be of most interest.

I would say the No 1 most common reason clients visit me for Reiki sessions is to help reduce their stress and anxiety lets start with there.

Reiki is good for anxiety & stress

Reiki is extremely good for inducing relaxation. Reiki can help to gently release and dissipate negative emotions, this will usually induce further relaxation.

Many times clients have commented that they felt all the tension and sensations disappear from their body to the point where they felt weightless.  Reiki can help bring relief from a foggy stressed out mind, which can help relieve tension in key stress areas such as the head and neck.

Reiki sessions can bring relief to anxiety during the session, but also help to lessen the feelings of anxiety day to day, the number of sessions would depend on the cause and the level of anxiety experienced.

Reiki is good for reducing pain

Whether it is knee pain or a migraine Reiki can help reduce the pain, follow up sessions may be required as and when necessary. Whilst Reiki can reduce the pain sensations I have not seen a case where Reiki has repaired damage, such as a joint with advanced arthritis Whilst Reiki can help elevate the pain of the arthritic joint, regular sessions would be required as the cause of the pain would remain.

Reiki can improve your relationships

Having Reiki sessions can help improve how you engage in everyday life,  whereas previously you may have just ‘reacted’ to a situation by getting upset/stressed/shouting etc Reiki helps you to approach potential problems in a calmer less emotionally charged manner. This can help improve relationships, work situation and general life happiness.

Reiki can reduce the side effects of medical treatment

Reiki can help reduce the negative side effects experienced from radiation and chemotherapy treatment.  Reiki is also known to help decrease recovery time after surgeries.

Reiki is good for “stuckness”

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut or feel that we are holding ourselves back. Reiki can help clear the blockages that are stopping us from moving forward. This can take 1-3 sessions

Reiki is good for improving your intuition and spiritual growth

If you are wanting to explore a more esoteric side of your life, and are looking for help to take the next step. Reiki can help move you forward in your path by doing what is needed, whether it is removing self-imposed barriers or helping you heal blockages with intention Reiki will help you make the next step.

This is not an exhaustive catalogue of what can be helped with Reiki. Really Reiki potentially can help with anything. If you are thinking about having some Reiki sessions be clear with yourself and the practitioner what you want to achieve from the sessions.

*It is important to note that whilst it works for most people as with any treatment, not everybody responds in the same way or feels the same benefits.


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