Reflexology a Natural Treatment for Arthritis Case Story 10 years on

Reflexology a Natural Treatment for Arthritis 10 years on

I treated a lady approximately 10 years ago now who was starting to experience arthritis in her knees. It was something her mother had suffered terribly Continue reading “Reflexology a Natural Treatment for Arthritis Case Story 10 years on”

Reflexology and Fertility Cases

Reflexology and Fertility Case

Kelly came to me for a reflexology treatment when she was 34. She had previously found it very easy to get pregnant and had two children already from another relationship. So when Kelly and her husband decided to try for a baby it came as no surprise that they got pregnant straight away! The excitement of being pregnant was unfortunately short-lived when Kelly miscarried early on in the pregnancy. Continue reading “Reflexology and Fertility Cases”

Reflexology Can Ease Symptoms of Arthritis

As a Reflexologist, I have seen for a long time the benefits clients with arthritis enjoy from a course of Reflexology treatments. So it comes as no surprise that research from the University of Portsmouth has found that in their studies patients felt about 40% less pain after having Reflexology.

Continue reading “Reflexology Can Ease Symptoms of Arthritis”