root Chakra Affirmations

Root Chakra Healing can be carried out in many ways and in the post I would like to share with you the ways you can help yourself to heal.

It’s important to note, that the reality of your situation is viewed differently by everyone, each have their own perspective. You may feel unloved, insecure, lacking in abundance but the reality can be different and sometimes widely different. With that in mind when we work with affirmations changing our perception, changes our energy and changes our reality and shifts our perception.

Root Chakra Affirmations

Root Chakra Healing – Affirmations when meditating, falling asleep or waking up. put your hands over the area of the Root Chakra and repeat as many times as comfortable.

What is useful when repeating affirmations, is noticing the objections which your mind raises when you are saying something which it opposes. Make a note of these opposing thoughts and at another time meditate on them and challenge them.

Affirmation “I have everything I need”
Feeling like you don’t have enough or you are lacking finances, security, fun, relationships, experiences work/life balance, love.
This feeling of lack can effect your Root chakra which can over time create energetic blocks and imbalances.
Root Chakra Affirmation
Affirmation “I am safe and secure”
Feeling safe and secure doesn’t just mean feeling safe from physical violence or injury, its feeling safe in your relationships, your future, at work, financially, mentally and world events. Most of the time, most  of us are pretty safe.
When there is a gap between the physical reality and our perspective of reality then there is space to challenge this thinking I start with saying out loud or in your mind whilst focusing on the Root Chakra ” I am safe and secure”
Root Chakra I am Safe and secure
Affirmation “My Body is my home”
With busy day to day life, stresses, emotional/mental physical pain and discomfort we can become to a degree disconnected with our body. We begin to ignore and block out the communication and signals we are constantly receiving from it.
Which can help us in the short term but in the long term this disconnection can leave us ungrounded and suffering with blockages and imbalances in the Root and other chakras.
Bringing our attention back to the body with this affirmation will help us to reconnect with ourselves and support a healthy Root chakra.
Root chakra my body is my home
Affirmation “I trust in me”
Do you ever feel like your not up to the challenge, lacking confidence or maybe you feel your past self has let you down or setup you up “self sabotage” Learning to trust yourself again, trust that you will do what is needed what is required to keep you safe, happy, enjoying your life. Learning to trust your intuition over your intellect, learning to trust your heart over your mind can be very empowering.
root chakra afffirmation
Affirmation “I am grounded”
The earth is our foundation and our root chakra is the foundation of our life and our basic needs. When we believe our basic needs are being met then we feel grounded and secure and centred. When we feel that they are not being met this can unground us. Focusing on our root chakra and repeating this affirmation will help to bring stability to this chakra and keep your energies grounded so you feel stronger and more resilient.
root chakra grounded
Affirmation “I have enough”
What we believe we need and what we actually need can be widely different. Living in the mindset of lack you are going to focus on the experiences and situations which reinforce lack. Believing your are lacking you don’t have enough will take you closer to that reality. Looking for what you do have and how you have enough, more than enough will help shift negative energy and balance your chakra.
Affirmation ” I am Centred”
When we are centred we are less susceptible to being pulled one way or another with our emotions or our thoughts. Using this affirmation when focusing on our root chakra will help being us back to the present moment and to our body. This will help us to feel balanced and supported.
Affirmation ” I am Loved and cared for”
Feeling loved is a basic need and when we don’t feel loved it can affect the root chakra. Focusing on who loves us rather than the lack of love whilst repeating the affirmation will help to balance the chakra.

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