Reflexology improves sleep

An interesting study of the effects of Reflexology for hemodialysis patients (Hemodialysis is a treatment for people who have kidney function problems). The study included 105 volunteers from a private clinic for hemodialysis. The hemodialysis is the filtering of waste from the blood, one of the side effects of this treatment is fatigue and poor sleep. The study was carried out to assess the impact Reflexology had on the quality of sleep the volunteer patients experienced.

The study employed 105 volunteers and continued for about four weeks. All of the participants were registered at a private clinic for hemodialysis. The patients attended foot reflexology and back massage sessions two times a week.

The method used to collect the date

  1. Visual Analogue Scale for Fatigue (VASF)
  2. Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) for collecting data. This is a self-rated questionnaire to evaluate the quality of sleep over the span of one month and includes questions which cover the following areas:
  • Subjective sleep quality
  • Sleep latency
  • Sleep duration
  • Habitual sleep efficiency
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Use of sleeping medication
  • Daytime dysfunction

The results of the study showed that reflexology was significantly effective in reducing fatigue and improving sleep quality and more effective than other therapeutic measures such as back massage.,


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