Reflexology and fertility

Reflexology and Fertility Case

Kelly came to me for a reflexology treatment when she was 34. She had previously found it very easy to get pregnant and had two children already from another relationship. So when Kelly and her husband decided to try for a baby, it was no surprise that they got pregnant immediately! The excitement of being pregnant was unfortunately short-lived when Kelly miscarried early on in the pregnancy.

When Kelly and her husband decided to try and get pregnant again, things weren’t so straightforward. After 12 frustrating months of trying to conceive, Kelly came to me for a Reflexology treatment to help improve her fertility.

The focus of Kelly coming to see me was to help her regain some normality and rebalance herself emotionally and physically.

During the first treatment, Kelly found that she enjoyed deep relaxation during the session. The reflex areas of her reproductive system were sensitive, and she felt heat and sensations rising through her body when working on these areas. At the 2nd treatment, Kelly, who had suffered from an irregular and sporadic menstrual cycle since the first treatment, advised me she’d had a period around 28 days after the previous one, and it was more in keeping with her cycle before her miscarriage.

Kelly found that her sleep improved after the treatment, and felt more refreshed. Kelly continued to become noticeably calmer within herself, and after receiving two more treatments, she called to tell me the most exciting news: they were pregnant. Nine months later, Kelly and her husband welcomed a much-loved, beautiful baby girl into the world.

Reflexology and Fertility – In my experience, I have found that if Reflexology can help someone conceive, then it usually happens within 1 – 3 treatments.

If you would like to know more about Reflexology and how it can help check out the Reflexology page info on our website


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