Study Shows Reflexology Treatment Reduces Symptoms Of Multiple Sclerosis

Reflexology Treatment

For someone who has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), being aware of all the options available to them with regards to treatment and maintaining their well-being is extremely important. Which is why in this post I am drawing your attention to a clinical trial that tested the effectiveness of a course of reflexology treatment on MS patients.

The MS Society estimates that over 100,000 people suffer with MS in the UK and believe that there are possibly 5000 new cases each year. (

The research which was published in the ‘Multiple Sclerosis Journal’ detailing a clinical trial which included  71 MS patients. The patients were split into a control group and a group who received the reflexology treatments, The control or sham-group received a general non-specific foot massage. The trial was carried out over an 11-week course of reflexology treatments and 36 Reflexologists were used. Each Reflexologist treated 2 patients, one patient was given Reflexology and the other was given general non-specific massage on the foot area.  The Reflexologists were told not to discuss the type of treatment the patient was getting so the patients were unaware as to whether they were having reflexology or general massage.

There were 3 areas tested at the beginning of the study, 1.5 months into the study and at the end of the 11 weeks. The tests were masked so the patient was unaware what was being tested. The 3 areas were 1. Motor Function 2. Sensory Function  3. Urinary Symptoms. The conclusion of the study found that there were no adverse symptoms of the reflexology treatment. It also concluded that reflexology “positively affected muscle strength and tonus and reduced sensory and urinary symptoms.”

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3 thoughts on “Study Shows Reflexology Treatment Reduces Symptoms Of Multiple Sclerosis

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