Inspiring Story of Reiki and Palliative Care

reiki and palliative care

Anyone who has ever lost someone close to a prolonged illness truly understands how important good palliative care is for the whole family. From my own personal experience having the amazing support from the McMillan nurses when my dad was ill was an amazing comfort especially for my mum. In his final weeks, we couldn’t have asked for more from a very caring and professional team at the memorial hospital in Melton Mowbray. My dad was, in general, a very open minded person which was a blessing when he was ill as he was open to trying alternative ways of healing. My parents found a group of healers who would offer Reiki and other therapies at a nominal fee once a week. My mum and dad went every week until he was too ill to go anymore. It was the Reiki healing and the time spent with the group that gave my dad the most comfort, it helped him feel more positive at a very difficult and painful time in his life. I was 24 and a Uni doing Media Studies when my dad became ill and I didn’t really know anything about complementary therapies or Reiki. But I could see he felt the benefits of it and looked forward to going,  so I felt really positive about it.  What I will never forget though, was the surprise from the doctors that my dad didn’t need the level of pain relief usually required for the stage of his illness whilst he was having regular healing sessions.

Reiki and palliative care

Reiki cannot offer a cure for an incurable illness, but what Reiki can do is increase the quality of life a person has by relieving some of the suffering. What a Reiki healing will give to one person can be different to what it gives to another. But what Reiki often does is help in the reduction of pain, bring calm, positivity, clarity, emotional calmness and peace.

An inspiring story of Reiki and palliative care for a woman called Ellie

Below I have attached a beautiful and inspiring story about a woman called Ellie who was suffering from a terminal illness and was facing leaving behind her children and her husband. The story is about the journey Ellie and her Reiki healer Terri took and how the Reiki healing gave Ellie more clarity and energy when she was very ill.

To read this beautiful story about Ellie and Terri you can click the image to view a PDF Copy

Reiki and palliative care


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