5 BIG Benefits of Massage

You don’t just have to be suffering physical complaint or ailment to enjoy the benefits a regular massage can bring. Massage is a very therapeutic and relaxing experience which can benefit you in a multitude of ways; mentally, physically and emotionally helping you to maintain your overall health and well-being. Continue reading “5 BIG Benefits of Massage”

Want To Work On Cloud 9?

Now you can with our Lunch Time Special 12-2pm

Relax and unwind with one of our popular treatments and float back to work feeling energised, relaxed and ready for a productive afternoon. Team up with a colleague for our first lunch time offer where you can book a 25 minute treatment back to back and only pay £12.50 each.

If you would prefer to have a longer treatment there is an offer for that too! you can enjoy a 40-minute treatment for just £20.00

You can choose from one of the popular treatments below:

  • Back and shoulder massage
  • Head massage
  • Reflexology
  • Reiki

To book all you need to do is call 01664 454 623 or Whats app 07434941295 or email ruth@naturallivingtherapies.co.uk

When should you use heat for muscle pain?

Heat or thermotherapy is a natural way of relaxing muscles and reducing the pain in muscles. That being said not all pain can be relieved by heat and there are conditions and illnesses which are exacerbated by applying heat. So which pain can you treat with a nice warm wheat sack and which should be avoided? Continue reading “When should you use heat for muscle pain?”