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Natural Living Therapies offers a simple hassle-free way to enjoy the benefits of on-site massage in the workplace.

The treatments on offer are specifically to reduce stress and tension. It can be incorporated into a company wellness plan or a one-off reward for performance.

This fully-clothed, non-intrusive massage uses a unique series of massage techniques, acupressure & reflex points to leave you feeling relaxed, and energised and ready to return to work with renewed concentration.

Depending on the treatment selected it is performed using a footstool or specially designed chair or table which is perfect to be carried out in any work place during a lunch or coffee break.

If space is an issue, seated massage at a desk can also be performed.


Benefits for the Employer

Benefits for the Employees

Enhance performance

Relieves back, neck, head & shoulder tension

Reduce stress-related costs

Improves concentration
Increase motivation and engagement

Alleviates mental fatigue.

Improve staff retention

Boosts energy levels

Boost morale

Stimulates the ‘feel good’ hormones & Reduces stress levels

Treatment options


Back and shoulders

Back shoulders head and neck

Reflexology and head massage

Head Massage

Treatment times

   Treatment prices  

10-minute treatments


15-minute treatments


20-minute treatments


30-minute treatments


NOTE* Minimum booking time 2 hours 

How to book

Email with a proposed date, time and number of hours you would like. Once a date & time is agreed you will receive a booking form to complete & return with a 50% deposit. Once received, a schedule & health check forms will be sent for participating staff to complete.

Any questions call Ruth on 07434 941 295 / 01664 454 623 or email