Office Massage

Natural Living Therapies offers a simple hassle-free way to enjoy the benefits of on-site massage in the workplace.

The treatments on offer are specifically to reduce stress and tension. It can be incorporated into a company wellness plan or a one-off reward for performance.

This fully-clothed, non-intrusive massage uses a unique series of massage techniques, acupressure & reflex points to leave you feeling relaxed, and energised and ready to return to work with renewed concentration.

Depending on the treatment selected it is performed using a footstool or specially designed chair or table which is perfect to be carried out in any work place during a lunch or coffee break.

If space is an issue, seated massage at a desk can also be performed.


Benefits for the Employer

Benefits for the Employees

Enhance performance

Relieves back, neck, head & shoulder tension

Reduce stress-related costs

Improves concentration
Increase motivation and engagement

Alleviates mental fatigue.

Improve staff retention

Boosts energy levels

Boost morale

Stimulates the ‘feel good’ hormones & Reduces stress levels

Treatment options


Back and shoulders

Back shoulders head and neck

Reflexology and head massage

Head Massage

2 hours £115.00

3 hours £155

Number of treatments examples Number of treatments examples

10 x 10-minute treatments

12 x 15-minute treatments

5 x 20-minute treatments

6 x 30-minute treatments

How to book

Email with a proposed date and time and how many hours you would like.

Once availability is confirmed a booking form will be sent to you to complete. Once this is received with 50% deposit an information pack with slot times and health check forms will be sent for you to complete to ensure the smooth running of the event on the day.

Any questions call Ruth on 07434 941 295 / 01664 454 623 or email