Interview with VitB12 Technician Steph, who explains how B12 Shots have changed her life and why they could improve your wellbeing too.

What inspired you to become a Vitamin B12 Technician?

My B12 journey began in America.  While on holiday I happened to stumble upon a Vitamin B12 Clinic, I had already done some research previously on the benefits of B12, so after a consultation with the technicians and doctor, I decided to give it a go.  

From the positive results of the first shot, I continued the course in the UK and the benefits just got better.  I had more energy, was less irritable, slept like a log and woke up feeling rested.  I previously had trouble with my hormone imbalances and that completely stopped.  I have Coeliac Disease and have struggled with energy levels for many years and to realise something as simple as a Vitamin could be so life-changing and elevate my wellbeing was very surprising and I wished I had discovered it years ago. 

I found it hard to find anyone in this area who offered B12 injections at a reasonable price or doing it the right way, so I was travelling to get my B12.  With further research, I found the best training academy for vitamin B12 in the UK and decided to train to become a Vitamin B12 Technician, so that I could offer a good B12 service in this area at a reasonable price and to help others with their well-being.  

I was accepted by the Academy and my training in Cambridge included the Injection Technique Course, Vitamin B12 course, Nutrition Course, Adult Safe Guarding, Life Saving Course, and DBS.  I am also fully insured and I’m assessed every 3 months to make sure I am following the strict guidelines for administering Vitamin B12 injections. 

Why have the B12 shot rather than just taking the Oral Vitamin B12 supplement?

The downfall of oral vitamin B12 is the problem of absorption through the digestive system.  The conditions have to be perfect for the body to absorb effectively, only 2% of the oral supplement is actually absorbed. 
With a Vitamin B12 shot we bypass the problems with absorption through the digestive system by introducing the vitamin by intramuscular injection into the deltoid muscle (top of arm) where 100% of the Vitamin is absorbed into the system. 

What ingredients are in the injection? 

The VITB12SHOT is 1000mcg/1ml of Hydroxocobalamin and is the best form of Vitamin B12 for intramuscular muscular use.  It also contains a small amount of glacial acetic, sodium chloride and of course water for the injection. 

Is it safe? Who shouldn’t have it?

Yes, Vitamin B12 is completely safe as it is water-soluble and non-toxic.  You can not have too much or overdose on vitamin B12 as it is water-soluble, so what the body doesn’t need it simply excretes through the urine.  
The contra-indications for Vitamin B12 are Cobalt allergy, Cobalamin and derivative allergies, low blood Potassium levels and Lebers Hereditary Optic Atrophy.  I do not administer B12 to anyone under 18 or anyone who is pregnant.  It is safe for pregnant ladies to have B12, it’s just not a service we offer.  For everyone else, it is our doctor who assesses the client for suitability.  There are some medications that stop B12 working so it is unethical for us to administer B12 when taking these medications. 

Some of the benefits listed on the companies literature

  • Boosts Energy Levels
  • Boosts Sleep
  • May Improve Mood
  • Faster Metabolism
  • Cognitive Focus
  • May Help With Fatigue
  • Prevents Anaemia
  • May Help With Depression
  • Healthy Skin, Hair & Nails
  • May Help With Anxiety

Can people just turn up to one of your clinics?

No, it is not possible to just turn up to a clinic and have a Vitamin B12 shot.  Vitamin B12 is a prescription-only medicine (POM).  All clients receive a full consultation before the appointment, this is done through telephone or on a free consultation appointment at a clinic.  Once the client has completed the Prescription Request Form which includes the client’s details, doctors surgery, medications, contraindications and indications, I submit this to our UK Registered Doctor to assess and either accept or reject the prescription.  

What has been the response to your service? How are the VIT B12 shots helping your clients?

One client has had trouble getting a full nights sleep for over 15 years, after one B12 health boost she started getting good deep sleep all night and waking up feeling rested.  She completes her 4 boost course next week and has more energy and feeling generally better than she has in years.

Another client worked in a school and was getting every bug and virus going and feeling generally unwell for a long time, she was at the end of her tether, her immune system seemed to be very low.  It wasn’t until the third boost that she started to feel the benefits.  She has now completed her 4 boost course, is feeling so well and has a real spring in her step. 

It’s worth just saying that vitamin B12 can help with many medical conditions, but I do not treat any medical conditions.  The Vitamin B12 I administer is a health boost to improve energy, sleep, mood, cognitive focus and wellbeing and the above are just examples of what my clients have experienced.

How often do you need the injection?

We recommend a course of 4 boosts over a 4-6 week period and then a monthly/6 weekly top-up.  However, I know my clients know their body best and when they would like their top-up boosts.  Some clients decide to have one every three months or just when they have a busy week at work or are going on holiday.  It is really up to you when you have your repeats. 

What areas do you cover, where are your clinics?

I do home visits and cover the Rutland area  I currently have clinics in Oundle and Peterborough and will shortly be starting a clinic in Kettering.

What do people need to do to find out more?

To find out more or if you have any specific questions, please contact Steph quoting ‘NLT’ on 07510629081 by text or call or email

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